Muska 4 Seater Sofa

Dipped in the sublime, our MUSKA sofa makes a statement with utmost subtlety and decadent grandeur as it sits upholstered in handwoven kilim that carries the ancient weaving traditions of Turkey and Central Asia. These thin kilim rugs are worked on handlooms and then used to cover the MUSKA sofa with skilled craftsmanship. The soft ivory tones add a modern and minimalistic look to this traditional material that has evolved from Turkmen tribes. Usage and fade overtime will only add to the charm and age of this sofa with it’s tapestry-like cover. Adding texture to your interiors, this sofa will complement other leather fixtures around the house and can be paired with a modern high street scheme.
Seat Height : 38cms / Arm Height : 66cms / Leg Height : 3cms
Capacity : 3-4 People, Fillings: Foam & Fiber.
Material: Kilim, Ash Wood
Color: Ivory
Finish: Hand Woven, Natural
Length: 254cm
Width: 107cm
Height: 66cm