Turnkey apartment transformation service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Turnkey apartment transformation service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Order our services, monitor progress, and accept your apartment from anywhere in the world
All Processes Online
You will receive a fully renovated apartment with furniture and appliances: we will handle DEWA connection, internet setup, curtain hanging, bed-making, decor placement, and other essentials for a comfortable life
Service Selection or All-Inclusive Package Option
Let us take care of the renovation and furnish your apartment with furniture, appliances and decor
A service that takes care of your apartment
Studio – 3 000 AED
1 bedroom – 3 500 AED
2 bedrooms – 5 500 AED
3 bedrooms – 6 500 AED
Service costs excluding furniture, appliances, and decor
We will deliver everything, arrange it in place, and prepare the apartment for move-in
We will handle water, gas, electricity, and Internet connection
We will create a design project, procure furniture, appliances, and decor
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We will paint walls, install wall panels, cabinets, change kitchen facades, and external electrical work
Get a free design project when you order furnishing!
With the design project, you’ll be confident in the result. It allows you to pre-calculate the furnishing cost and accommodate everything you desire. Learn more

1200 AED 1500 AED
Unique interior design project
We inspect your apartment from the developer, identifying and documenting every snag for your peace of mind
Professional Snagging by Furni
1 600 AED
Snagging price
Our Portfolio
Examples of custom furnishing projects we have completed for our clients
Furnishing Process
We'll take measurements of your apartment
We'll create a project with furniture, appliances, and decor
We'll obtain a Move-in permit
We'll connect electricity, water, gas, and internet
We'll receive all deliveries and arrange replacements if necessary
We'll install appliances and assemble furniture
Contractor search and apartment measurement
1-2 visits, 4-5 hours
Store trips and furniture and appliance selection
5-10 visits, 10-20 hours
Obtaining a Move-in permit
1.5 hours
Connecting electricity, gas, and internet
2-5 days + searching
Receiving deliveries
up to 30 hours on-site, 4-15 visits
Monitoring assembly and installation
3-5 visits + searching
furniture and appliances selection
Move-in permit
utilities connection
receiving deliveries
installation and assembling
With Furni
By yourself
With Furni, you save around 2,000 AED on taxi expenses for trips to the shops and receiving deliveries at your apartment
A comfortable life can be challenging without these 46 essential items. Furni made a shopping list with everything you need
Get a shopping list for free
Our Projects
Order your furnishing and receive
a complimentary individual design project
Get a design project as a gift
Can I order only one service, like repair alone?
Absolutely! You can order only the specific services you need
What’s included in the design project?
•Measurement of the apartment
•Moodboard with furniture, appliances, and decor
•Apartment plan with furniture and appliances arrangement
Learn more or check the files
Where do you acquire your furniture?
We partner with the leading retailers in the UAE, ensuring that you receive premium furniture without any extra cost markup.
What does the supervisor do?
The supervisor is responsible for accepting deliveries, overseeing furniture assembly, and the installation of household appliances
What are the deadlines for developing a design project?
The design project will be ready within 4−5 days from the date of your interview with the designer
How quickly will the furnishing be ready?
Your apartment will be fully ready to move in just 14 days after the prepayment is made
How does the warranty work?
Our warranty covers any factory defects in furniture products. You can find detailed terms and conditions here
How can I pay for my order?
To initiate the work, you’ll need to make an advance payment of 100% of the order amount via bank transfer or in cash
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