We provide a 1-year warranty to the customer starting from the date of purchase. If a manufacturing defect is discovered within the warranty period, please contact warranty@furni.ae to request a warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects in furniture products. Furni reserves the right to repair or replace defective products at its discretion. Please note that you need the original sales receipt to file a warranty claim.

This warranty does not cover neglect, incorrect assembly, handling or misuse of the product, or unforeseen natural disasters. It specifically does not cover damages caused by weather conditions, such as temperature, light, and humidity, such as fading, discoloration, expansion, or shrinkage. If the product is repaired or replaced, the limited warranty will not be extended.

Liability Disclaimer

The company explicitly refuses any liability towards buyers or end users of its products for any special, incidental, or indirect damages, including damage or loss of other property or equipment, bodily injury, or cost of other damages arising from the sale or otherwise related to or in connection with the use of its products.

The extent of the company’s responsibility for any damages under this Agreement, if any, is capped at the purchase price of the faulty or non-compliant products sold due to this transaction. Any legal claims arising from this Agreement must be filed within the warranty period starting from the date of purchase.
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